Reproductive Medicine Department

The Armenian-Israeli Reproductive Medicine Department of Astghik Medical Center, which received the gold standard of international certification, JCI qualification, has been dealing with infertility treatment for 5 years.

In 2018, the Armenian-Israeli Department of Reproductive Health was opened in Astghik mc, which is based on long studies of international experience and visits to both Israel and European countries where reproductive health is developed.

The cause of infertility is revealed in the latest generation department equipped with modern equipment.

Is being implemented ,

1. intrauterine insemination,

2. in vitro fertilization,

3. in vitro fertilization with a donor egg,

4. in vitro fertilization with donor sperm,

5. pre-implantation genetic diagnosis,

6. surrogacy program,

7. Egg and sperm freezing for later use

Very often, a woman's fertility is also damaged due to oncological diseases. However, that problem is also solvable. Oncofertility is also carried out in the department, thanks to which it is possible to restore fertility, it also allows a woman to conceive naturally.

Emphasizing the promotion of birth in Armenia, the department regularly carries out awareness campaigns.

Infertile couples can also be treated in the department through a state order. Within the framework of the state order, mothers who lost their sons during the last Artsakh war have used and continue to use the service.

The center cooperates with all charitable organizations operating in the republic, which also support infertile couples.

Local specialists are regularly trained in the world's leading clinics and apply the acquired experience in accordance with international standards right here.

The Department of Reproductive Medicine of the Astghik Medical Center also implements scientific and educational programs.


Marina Mkrtchyan

Clinical Head of the Department of Reproductive Health

Karine Kirakosyan

Head of Reproductive Health Department

Liana Badikyan

Head of financial and organizational issues of the Department of Reproductive Medicine

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Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International

Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International