Women's consultation

The department performs the following services:

Registration and examination of pregnant women , control over the pregnancy

➤Arrangement of trainings for pregnant women in “School of Motherhood”, their psychophysical preparation for the childbirth

Prenatal and postnatal individual consultations on breastfeeding

➤Treatment of hormonal deviations

➤Prophylactic gynecological examination

Family planning (individual selection of contraceptives)

Diagnosis, treatment, consultation on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

In the department, early diagnosis of oncological diseases of female genital organs (PAP ointment, colposcopy, breast ultrasound examination), gynecological diseases and treatment of various gynecological diseases are also performed, including:

➤Inflammatory diseases of pelvic cavity

Cervical diseases (radiofrequency treatment with the help of “Surgitron”)

Benign tumor diseases of female genital organs


Benign breast diseases (mastopathy)

Menstrual cycle disorders

Uterine bleeding

Prevention of early pregnancy termination


Medical abortion up to 9 weeks (in day patient facility).





Anna A. Toghramajyan

Head of Aesthetic Gynecology Service Head of Women's Consultation Department

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Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International

Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International