Department of maxillofacial surgery

In Maxillofacial Surgery Department the following services are performed:

➤Tooth-preserving operations (resection of radical apex, hemisection, root amputation),

➤Extraction of teeth

➤Surgical treatment of periodontal diseases (gingivectomy, periodontal surgery, also surgeries with various bone regeneration materials)

➤Treatment of odontogenic inflammatory diseases( periostitis, osteomielitis, lymphadenitis, abscesses and phlegmona)

➤Conservative and surgical treatment of inflammatory salivary glands diseases

➤Correction of congenital and acquired defects in maxillofacial space

➤Conservative and surgical treatment of temporomandibular joint diseases

➤Surgical treatment of facial bone injuries

➤Removal of tissue and bone tumors in maxillofacial space

➤Surgical removal of congenital cysts and fistulae in maxillofacial space

➤Removal of face and neck malignant tumors

➤Osteoplastic surgeries of soft tissue and bone defects and deformations in maxillofacial space caused by various reasons

➤Dental implantation, including the significant atrophy of the alveolar bones

➤Facial plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, osteoplasty, etc.


Ashot Harutyunyan

Head of Maxillofacial Surgery Departmen

Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International

Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International