Advantages of getting your medical treatment in Armenia

Advantages of getting your medical treatment in Armenia


1․ Fast visa issuance at border checkpoints


Visa-issuing services at RA border checkpoints provide single entry for a term of 21-day up to 120-day stay. 

Citizens of CIS member states, EU member states, Schengen countries, the United States of America, and a few others are exempt from an entry visa.

To know if a visa is required for your trip to Armenia, click here.



2․ Availability


Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Armenia is an ideal destination for medical tourism. Yerevan is a convenient and easily accessible destination from such major cities as Dubai, Paris, Moscow and other European and Asian cities. There are direct flights from major cities to Yerevan, which usually take a very short time, up to 3-5 hours.



3․ An interesting tourist destination


Experience the magic of the rosy city of Yerevan in Armenia, where history and modernity live together. Get lost in the rich cultural heritage by visiting its many museums, galleries and historical monuments. At night, let the city come alive as you explore its vibrant nightlife scene filled with lively clubs, exotic restaurants, cozy pubs, and musical hotspots that will keep you entertained till the sun rises. Take a walk in the scenic parks dotted around the city, each with its own unique architectural style and fountains that add to the city's charm. For the shopping-lovers, Yerevan boasts a wide range of shopping centers and malls, offering a wide selection of world-renowned brands and products to choose from.



4․ Security


Armenia is one of the safest countries in the world. Armenia ranks 7th among 142 countries in the rating list of the safest countries in the world. Being a small nation with a long history, Armenians have a particular bond of solidarity and are respectful of others. Armenians are truly considered one of the most hospitable peoples in the world.



5․ Professional doctors


Armenia prides itself for having a long history in the field of medicine. Doctors are absolute professionals in their field, mostly trained in Western countries. They successfully perform operations of any complexity.



6․ Climate conditions conducive to postoperative recovery


The air temperature in Armenia is never too high or too low. Air humidity is average. The air is relatively clean, especially in high altitude areas. All this contributes to a quick and successful recovery in the postoperative period.

Arshak Mnacakanyan

Head of Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Ani Gevorgyan

Plastic surgeon, microsurgeon

Karen Paytyan

Guest plastic surgeon, microsurgeon

Anna Sargsyan

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Ashot Harutyunyan

Head of Maxillofacial Surgery department

Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International

Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International