"Astghik" medical center, being the successor of "Malatia" hospital, despite its respectable age of half a century, today it presents itself in a new way and tries to keep pace with the times. Currently, "Malatia" hospital presents itself as a modern, multi-disciplinary, medical center that meets European standards, with the new name "Astghik". In 2010, "Natalie Farm" LLC acquired the "Malatia" hospital in a rather poor condition, a hospital where about 400 people worked. The management of the center was faced with the ultimate task of creating a modern, multi-disciplinary medical center, while not interrupting the work of the center and preserving the existing jobs. The existing services of the hospital were concentrated in the three-story building of the former maternity hospital, which was renovated and equipped with the necessary equipment. In 2012, construction of the "Astghik" medical center began according to the project of German architects, an investment of around 30 million euros was made, the center was equipped with modern powerful equipment, many of which are unique not only in the republic, but also in the entire region. Instead of the previous 5 departments, the medical center now has 30 departments and more than 1200 workplaces.

"Astghik" medical center is an exclusive center built according to world standards, and this applies to everything: ventilation, own oxygen system, decoration of operating rooms, equipment, lights, security system, nurse call system. The hospital has a central oxygen supply system. The center has 15 operating theaters, each of which has a separate ventilation system, the air entering the operating theater is cleaned by its own air purifiers, ensuring 95.5 percent disinfection.

"Astghik" medical center is distinguished by its professional medical staff, which actively cooperates with the leading clinics of the Russian Federation, Europe and the USA, where the center's specialists are regularly trained. The center also actively cooperates with the medical centers of RA marzes, not only organizing on-site charitable visits, but also conducting seminars, conferences and exchange of experience with local specialists. However, the price policy of the center has not changed and the cost of services in the center remains the same, that is, lower than the average. "Astghik" medical center is a new word in the healthcare system of Armenia and aspires to become the best. As the director of the center Asatur Asatryan notes, "Astghik" is a high benchmark for the healthcare sector of RA.

Doctor's discussion

Customers about us

We thank the following doctors for performing and treating my mother (Oganezova Nadezhda, 77 years old): Managing Cardiologist - Gevorgyan Gagik, Head of Cardiac Surgery Service - Susani Mher, Head of Arrhythmology-Cardiology Service - Kartoyan Z., Chief Physician - Kurghinyan R. M.

Kristina Oganezova


I have been treated in the Chemotherapy Department for about 2 years. I am very grateful to the head of the department, Hasmik Petrosyan, and the staff for their good attitude not only towards me, but also towards other patients. And yesterday, before I entered the department, I felt sick and received the caring attitude of the staff, especially thanks to doctors Adrine, Aghavnu, nurses Anna, Gayane, Arpine, employees from Silva and Anahit. I felt like I was in the hands of a relative, they showed high professional knowledge and human attitude.

Hermine Gevorgyan


I thank the staff of Astghik Medical Center, especially high-class specialists neuropathologist Karine Harutyunyan, neurosurgeon Avetis Kirakosyan for caring for my son, a participant in the Artsakh war.

Arthur Simonyan


Thank you to the Astghik medical center for your willing, kind and caring attitude. Very good approach, special attention to the soldier. I am a soldier's mother, we have been going to Astghik medical center since October and we have already become close to our dear doctors. Thank you, thank you for your kindness. , intelligent, caring attitude. Thank you for bringing Tigranis to life, thank you for everything, words are not enough for the work you did. Yes, you also fought for every life, every life was precious to you, like the life of a child to its mother.

Ani Martirosyan


The best medical center in Armenia, both in terms of service and caring attitude!! I admire especially Nana Yervandovna Malkhasyan for her caring attitude towards my parents. Let there be many such centers and professional staff in our country!!

Nune Grigoryan


Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International

Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International