Blood bank

Any healthy person can be a donor, both on a voluntary and paid basis

Who can be a donor?

  • Healthy citizens over 18 years old,
  • Women weighing more than 53 kg and men weighing more than 63 kg, However, there are certain medical contraindications to blood donation.
  • If you have diseases that are not included in the list of contraindications, or you are taking any medications, the issue of admission to donation of blood or its components is decided by a doctor - transfusiologist - a specialist in a blood bank.
  • Relative donors, as well as donors who have applied to the Blood Center for the first time and who have not previously signed up for a donation, undergo registration and examination on a first-come, first-served basis.

Recommendations before donation:

  • Do not come to donate blood if you feel unwell (chills, dizziness, headache, weakness)
  • Do not donate blood after a night shift or just a sleepless night.
  • On the eve and on the day of donating blood, it is not recommended to eat fatty, fried, spicy and smoked foods

Alcohol must not be consumed 48 hours before the visit to the transfusion station, and medications containing aspirin and analgesics must not be taken within 72 hours.

Recommendations after donation:

➤After donating blood, it is not recommended to get up immediately, sit quietly for 10-15 minutes, if you feel dizzy, contact the medical staff.

➤Leave the bandage on for 3-4 hours and try not to get it wet. This will save you from bruising.

➤Do not smoke for two hours after donating.

➤Avoid on this day heavy physical and sports activities, heavy lifting, including shopping bags.

Blood donation frequency:

➤The maximum permissible number of blood donations per year is 4 times

➤Intervals between blood deliveries - 90 days


When donating blood or its components, you must always have an RA passport with you.


Hasmik Karapetyan

Head of the blood transfusion department

Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International

Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International